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Acetal Sheet

Description: Acetal is an engineering thermoplastic that is known for its high mechanical properties and chemical resistance. It offers high strength, a low coefficient of friction, creep resistance, and moisture resistance, making it an excellent choice for machined parts. FDA, USDA, 3A and NSF compliances. Delrin has excellent dimensional stability, excellent machinability, FDA approved natural, good wear and abrasion resistance, low coefficient of friction, low moisture absorption, stiffness and strength. Acetal is easily machined, excellent dimensional stability, good abrasion resistance, high natural lubricity, no centerune porosity, high mechanical strength, high modulus of elasticity, high rigidity, and low moisture absorption.

Uses/Application: Bushings, bearings, washers, cams, spools, valve seats, guides, gears, electrical components, roller and slides, to name a few.

Colors: Natural, Black, custom colors available upon reque
Sheet Size: from 12" x 12" to 48" x 96" (additional sheet size
Sheet Thickness: 1/32" - 4"
Rod Tube Size :
Rod Tube Diameter:

Call 1-800-523-3904 for colors, sizes and pricing

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