AL-FLA Plastics provides the framing, gallery and museum industries with acrylic materials to protect their fine art, photographs, historical artifacts, and other treasures. Acrylic is an alternative to glass which can provide light weight, impact resistant, abrasion resistant, UV light filtering, glare free and clear protection for your fine art. Acrylic sheet products can also be easily cut, drilled, routed and cemented to produce strong, beautiful exhibit cases with nearly invisible joints.

Some of the more common choices of the industry include:

  • The Acrylite® FF acrylic sheet is the preferred choice of framers and museums alike. It is half the weight of glass which makes it an obvious choice for framing oversized work.
  • The Acrylite® OP-3 acrylic sheet was developed specifically for ultraviolet light protection. This is the favored choice of museums when dealing with historical documents and artifacts that will be exposed to damaging light. The Acrylite® OP-3 acrylic sheet filters 98% of the harmful rays and can be cut to any size or fabricated to meet your specific needs.
  • The Acrylite® FF P-99 acrylic sheet incorporates a matte finish and was specifically developed to eliminate glare and distortion. This allows viewing from any angle and improves the ability to view details or text making it a perfect choice for directories and picture frames.
  • The Acrylite® AR acrylic sheet has a chemical resistant coating that protects it from improper and frequent cleaning. It is resistant to surface marring and will provide your guarded treasures with clear long lasting protection.

With our qualified staff, AL-FLA Plastics can provide your framers with a cost-effective, light weight alternative to glass as well as fabricate any size or shape display case you might need. Just give us a call.

Acrylite is a registered trademark of CYRO Industries.

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